Six Fun Things to Do Outside in the PNW

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When it comes to the great outdoors, what doesn't the Pacific Northwest offer residents and visitors? Sandwiched between the Rockies and the Pacific Ocean, there's a plethora of natural riches on our doorstep.

With remarkable beaches, snow-peaked mountains, deserts, wetlands, forests, and urban parks, locals are at no loss for choice when it comes to recreational experiences. So whether you're an Energizer Bunny or a gamer who just needs to get out of the house, here are six of the gazillion outdoorsy things to do in the PNW.

Trek Through

Twilight Country

Edward Cullen's stomping grounds are as good-looking as he is. So if you're in the mood for wildflower blooms and awe-inspiring views of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, you'd do no better than to head to Cape Horn and Multnomah Falls. Try and plan your visit around the falcon nesting season between February and July. Sample the glorious fresh produce in the area, and if hiking, be sure to stay hydrated.

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Stay Beachy Keen at

Alki Point

If vampire territory isn't quite your thing, then 10 Things I Hate About You territory just might be. The water at Alki Beach is a little too cold for swimming, but there's so much more to do and see at this historic site on Puget Sound. We're talking cycling, paddle-boarding, kayaking, grilling, combing tidal pools, or just good ol' sunbathing.

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Go Ape for


Bigfoot is to the PNW what the Loch Ness Monster is to the Scottish Highlands - an elusive beast of enduring mystique. The yeti captured imaginations when some Native American tribes and early settlers claimed that they had seen large hairy humanoid creatures roaming around Cascadia. Ever since then, enthusiasts have been hungry for sightings in places like Ashland.

At 315° on the compass, searches for Sasquatch may or may not coincide with weed consumption. Either way, grab some Bigfoot Clothes or playful stickers to commemorate your mission. You might end up being one of the privileged few to get an eyeful.

Finding Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest

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Soak in the Splendor at

Mount Rainier National Park

Pitch a tent or go with an RV at Mount Rainier's first-come-first-served camping grounds. Here, you can toast marshmallows and gaze up at this most iconic of Washington landmarks. Get a taste of heaven at Paradise, a year-round attraction. It serves as a springboard for climbing, horseback riding, and winter sports like sledding and cross-country skiing.

Whatever you do, don't let your guard down while you're in communion with the wilderness. You don't want black bears and mountain lions eating more than your s'mores.

Mount Rainier National Park

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Find Your Bliss at

Crater Lake National Park

Home to the deepest lake in the country, Crater Lake National Park is simply stunning. Almost eight millennia ago, Native Americans observed the eruption of a peak. And rain and water have filled the crater over the years resulting in an unpolluted marvel of epic proportions. Take an unbeatable selfie with one of our PNW Clothing caps or color fade beanies.

Crater Lake National Park

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Whale-Watch Responsibly Around

The San Juan Islands

There are lots of things to do in the San Juan archipelago. But one of the greatest drawcards has to be the orcas. These magnificent and intelligent animals' numbers are rapidly dwindling for many reasons that include but are not limited to water pollution and boat-related noise pollution.

The latter affects pod communication which is necessary for survival. That's why choosing a responsible service provider is so important. Some vendors contribute a portion of every ticket sold towards conservation efforts.

San Juan Islands whale watching

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An Ode to a

Special Corner of the World

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