Tips For a Safe 4th of July in the PNW

by Joe Buchmann July 02, 2018

PNW Journey Article Header - 4th of July Safety Tips

Have Fun and Keep the PNW Green

We love fireworks here in the Pacific Northwest. We also love the people and the trees that live here. Let's all have an awesome time this 4th of July while being safe!

Here are some ideas to keep things from getting too crazy:

  • It might seem fun, but it's not a good idea to point fireworks at people or animals.
    A flaming cat isn't as funny as it sounds
  • Keep the fireworks on the ground and in areas that won't turn into a blazing inferno 
    That's not the kind of hot night anybody wants
  • Don’t try to light a bunch of things at the same time
    A flaming tree sparkler behind you is a really bad surprise
  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks
    It's just....not a good idea
  • Make sure to have water, fire extinguishers, etc. handy
    We know you're going to be safe, but you know...just in-case
  • Don't build your own fireworks or take apart the ones you bought
    Missing fingers are also not as funny as they sound

Have an amazing and safe 4th of July!

Joe Buchmann
Joe Buchmann


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