About Us - The PNW Journey Team

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We Are PNW Journey!

We are also family. Joe, Garrett, and Carrissa are all siblings. Chad has been friends with Joe since they were four months old, and is every bit a part of the family. Joe and Garrett were lucky enough to marry Brianna and Kurshell, who support them far more than they could ever ask for!

Loving the Pacific Northwest life, we enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and all of the things that can be done in this beautiful part of the world. We work to capture the it into cool designs, so that you can represent the PNW in style! 

PNW Journey Team Pic - Joe Buchmann


Product Design & Web Development

Living the dream in Idaho with my wife and kids. What could be better than creating PNW designs for people who love the PNW?! 

Joe Buchmann

PNW Journey Team Pic - Garrett Busch


Product Design & Marketing

Garrett, with two R’s and two T’s. I am an abstract thinker who enjoys expressing myself freely. In or out of the box, we should always keep the creative juices flowing!

Garrett Busch

PNW Journey Team Pic - Chad Misterek


Financial Management & Operations

Pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur. Forming PNW Journey has been an amazing experience full of learning.

Chad Misterek

Social Media Coordinator

Alexis Buchmann