Shipping and Delivery

Domestic Order Shipping Table

  • All orders shipping to U.S. destinations are free to ship.

Canada Order Shipping Table

  • Orders under $5.00: Shipping = $3.50
  • Orders between $5.00 and $30.00: Shipping = $6.00
  • Orders over $30 qualify for free shipping. 

Overnight and 2 Day Shipping

Due to the nature of our print-on-demand business model, we do not offer overnight or 2nd day shipping. All orders must go through the fulfillment process prior to shipping, which would result in an initial delay. We do not want to mislead customers into expecting a shipment sooner than it is possible. An overnight or 2nd day shipment would indicate that shipment time from the date of fulfillment, rather than the date the order is placed. 

5 to 9 Day Average Delivery Time

Because we are a print-on-demand business, our products are not pre-manufactured and housed as inventory. Each order is submitted to one of our production facilities, which then fulfills the order and ships it to you. While this may increase the time it takes to get your product to you, it also allows us to offer you a much greater variety of quality products. 

The majority of our orders arrive at the customer's door between 5 and 9 days from the date of purchase. You will be provided with tracking information and notified via email regarding every update in your order status.

Production times

Most orders are accepted into the production facility within 24 hours of the purchase, and fulfilled within three days. 


Orders are shipped via USPS First Class (Ground) and usually take 2 - 3 days. Shipping charges can be less than, but will not exceed $5. If shipping to your destination is less than $5, you will see that option. Otherwise, a $5 flat rate option will be available to you. Both options will ship using the same USPS First Class method. 

We currently have two fulfillment centers in the US. All of our apparel ships from Iowa while our accessories (hats, tote bags, etc.) ship from California. Because of this, if you have an order with items in both categories, they will be shipped separately from their respective locations.


For any questions regarding our shipping and fulfillment process, please reach out to us at

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